Service Delivery

Our recruiters specialize by skillsets - and are experts in proactively connecting with consultants and FTE candidates. Specialization allows each recruiter to reach deep into a talent pool – providing access to passive job seekers, and a depth/reach of candidates through a solidly built referral network.  This focus and discipline provides exceptional results to our clients of top talent – not just available and posted talent.

We want to know what you need to be successful, and we ask the right questions. Tell us what skills you’re looking for, about your timeline and budget, and what qualities you seek in your candidates. We’ll do the heavy lifting.

We understand culture and fit is as important as hard skills - so we spend a lot of time asking about environment and team dynamics. It is essential for us to understand this in order to deliver candidates that are technically strong and compliment your team. 

We pride ourselves on connecting our clients with the right talent -- and we have a long history of building out teams and companies.  Staying true to our core values, we make an extra effort to build meaningful relationships with each candidate we present to you.




“The Latitude Group did the work to align not only qualified candidates, but also alignment with our company culture. It seemed effortless. Moving forward, I see them as my go-to partner.”

– Bruce Whitmore, Chief Technology Officer