For us, it’s not just about filling a job.  We invest in you.  We focus on the ‘fit’ factor and customize our approach.  Our measurement is not about when things are going great, but because the human element is involved, is in how we respond to the unexpected.  We get it.  In the end, our mission is to become your trusted advisor.  Our objective is to make you a candidate or client for life.  

The Latitude Group has been connecting clients and candidates since 2002. With over 90 years of collective recruitment experience, we deliver talent to the Twin Cities and beyond. Our focus on relationship building has earned us a reputation that we are proud of, and we are eager to welcome you to our network.

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“We created a recruitment firm that works relentlessly to find top-notch talent that earns us the respect of our clients. When we succeed at uncovering that unique skill set after everyone else has given up, our clients know that we bring a level of service and dedication hard to find elsewhere.”

– Dorreen Schmidt, President and CEO